The reasons for choosing our project

In recent years education has seen the introduction of a multitude of curriculum, staffing and technological changes. Such constant movement can perhaps defocus children’s learning causing them to be lost in front of all the knowledge they should acquire and understand. In a similar vein we also find that a large majority of the students access and easily use the new technologies which are now a part of their environment in situations outside the education system. As teachers it is important that we harness all aspects of technology, developing such skills and competencies in our pupils.

We believe our project can – using modern technology and the exchange of good practice – increase student motivation and contribute to decreasing under-achievement. By sharing good practice and innovative teaching across our school systems we will strengthen the profession as a whole. Improved digital competence in both teachers and pupils will increase performance in basic subjects and subject integration to reach transversal key competences (reducing drop-outs and increasing ICT, maths, outdoor education, citizenship).

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