AIL Young Student (2-7) Survey Results

Teacher analysis of the survey.

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At the transnational meeting in Belgium teachers shared the data collected and provided a commentary on the results. Particular focus was made on unexpected or undesirable results.


  • Are you good at using the iPad? The majority of pupils felt they were good at using an iPad
  • Do you like using the iPads? The large majority of children said they like using the iPads in school.
  • Do they use iPads at home? The majority of children use the iPad at home on their own.
  • How often do you use an iPad in school? Children sometimes use an iPad in school.
  • Do you know the rules about using an iPad in school? There was an equal response from the children with some saying they understand the rules and the others not knowing.
  • What device do they use at home? The most popular devices were games consoles and the iPad at home.
  • Do they use the internet at home? A small amount of children did not know if they were using the internet at home when using technology.
  • Do you learn things on an iPad? Mixed response between a lot and a little.
  • How often do you use your iPad at home? Most children use an iPad often at home.


In our school there is only one form with students this age with less than 10 pupils. They did not use an Ipad before at school. The survey was the first time they did.

The majority of them knows tablets and the Internet and think they have sufficent skills.


100 % likes to use tablets at school and have access to internet. Mostly all of the says that they are very skilled or skilled in use of tablets. Many use tablets often at home. They are saying that learning outcome is high in using tablets. 2 out of 3 says that they are alone using the tablet. Mostly all pupils know the rules at school for using tablets and have rules at home.


Note: Only 7 year old children responded to this survey at our school.

  • Obviously, children from 2 to 7 years consider themselves good or even very good in the use of the tablet. We conclude that they know how to play with the tablet.
  • Only one child among all those questioned do not like to use the tablet at school.
  • Approximately 66% of children report using it alone.
  • A large majority say they do not know the rules of use of the iPad at school, which makes sense if they do not use it often.
  • Approximately 66% of children of this age mainly use game consoles, computers and tablets.
  • 33% of 7 year old children have no rules for using the tablet at home.
  • Almost 66% think they learn a lot using the iPad.


Age group not participating in project.