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Class 3

As part of the Dutch course, pupils in the 3rd primary have carried out this activity in a half-group. 12 students. The film was made with the picpac application. We worked for 6 periods. They really appreciate this activity. And the result was very satisfactory. Sometimes the pupils moved the animals too much. I said to myself after that I should have done exercises before filming. We have not made a synthesis, because I do not make it in 3rd, in the context of language learning. We have therefore started from a small known dialogue, which we have slightly modified. The story takes place in a zoo. Two characters meet (two animals), say hello, and one of the two presents a third animal to another. They had to remember the little sentences and it was a very good “revision” exercise.

Here is the approach we have taken;

1. Choice of dialogue already known to be staged / choice of characters
2. Storyboard writing / drawing (3 parts)
3. Painting of the sets and realization of the characters
4. Photos, two by two.
5. Recording sound = phrases in Dutch


Year 6

How to recognize the quadrilaterals…

With our class, we studied the quadrilaterals.
We thought it would be a good subject to achieve a Stop Motion synthesis on this subject.
So we started by writing everything we think important about the quadrilaterals.
Then we used our creativity to find an original way to present this Stop Motion.
After much discussion, we agreed on a presentation.
The story board helped us cut our film in stages and did not forget anything.
This activity, like that on Clovis, allowed us to retain an important notion but also enabled us to reinforce our skills in the use of new technologies.

The remainder of the project is expected to help further progress in this area.

Belgium storyboard


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