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Grade 3/4
Grade 3/4 worked on a stop motion movie about the Puri Farm. This is a farm our students visit once a month. They have a lot of animals and they enjoy feeding them and cleaning the cages.
The students had no experience in making a stop motion movie. We gave them a certain time to figure out how pictures can become a movie. It was very nice to see them understanding the need of many pictures. They got very excited and motivated to make a really good movie. A lot of good ideas came up and they are very proud of their result.
They have learned the English words the animals living on this farm.

Grade 4/5
Grade 4/5 worked on traffic signs. It was their own idea to learn something about it. However, they struggled a lot in filling in the KWHL Grid. We decided to make a poster altogether about what we already knew. You can find more information about how we worked on this in the following presentation. (pdf working on stop motion)

We started by filling in the storyboard and making the first scenes of the moving together. After the students got an idea of how to work with the stop motion App, they were more confident to work in groups. They had ideas what they wanted to show and say. It was very difficult for them to speak and record our text. But in the end everyone dared to speak some sentences. Everyone is very proud of our movie. They even managed to write down what they have learned on their own. (pdf reflection traffic)

working on stop motion
Reflection Traffic


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