Animations – Spain

Year 6

In 6th grade we have been working on contemporary history during the last term. The students have prepared different episodes of the story, searching for information, doing a script and preparing a stop motion movie following the steps established in the Erasmus + project activity. The different passages of history that have been prepared have been: The Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, the Spanish War of Independence, class society, the reign of Elizabeth II, the period of democracy and restoration, the birth of liberalism and the absolutism. After the elaboration of the videos they have reflected all their work in a KWHL grid, where you can observe the learning process of the activity as a whole. The subjects involved in this work have been Social Sciences and Arts & crafts.



Year 5

The 5th grade students have worked on the English book “The Big Story” during the last term. During the process of doing the activity they have learned to use the “Stop motion” app and have had to work in depth the book, translating dialogues, preparing sets and creating animation effects. A KWHL table is attached where the students reflect the entire learning process. The areas involved in the development of the activity have been English, Arts & crafts and English playful.


Spain Grid Erasmus+
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