Entrepreneur Activity 1 – What should we do?

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Learning Objective: To generate ideas for an enterprise project.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Creativity: Lateral thinking, ideas generation, spotting and creating opportunities, innovation.

Organisation: Decision making.

Learning activities

Introduce the class to the notion of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Present the pupils with the challenge i.e. That pupils create a business supported by an outside company if possible. They will obtain sponsorship and advice to turn a loan into profit. Technology can be used to manufacture and promote the business. Spreadsheets will be used to support numeracy.

Ask pupils to think about questions such as:

What are we good at?
How could we use our skills?
What events are coming up in school?
What product/service could meet a need in school or the community?
Who could help us?

Working in groups, ask pupils to think of and prioritise ideas for a class product or service.

Groups explain their choices with reasons to the class. Opportunity for peer evaluation.

Ask the class to vote to make a collective decision on the best enterprise idea.

Learning outcome

Pupils will generate imaginative ideas and begin to identify needs by asking questions or thinking of ideas as a group.

Resources needed

ICT / Interactive whiteboard
Brain storming sheet / Mind map

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum
Developing and presenting information and ideas: speaking, collaboration and discussion.


Understand that money is earned through work and can buy goods and services.

3.Design and technology

Use a range of information sources to generate ideas for products.

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