Entrepreneur Activity 12 – We can do it!

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Learning Objective: To carry out and complete an enterprise task using a range of organisation skills.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Attitude:  Self-confidence, Determination.

Relationships: Working with Others.

Organisation: Planning, Managing Resources.

Learning activities

The pupils should now be ready to make the product/provide the service and begin trading.

Pupils plan the practical arrangements for their enterprise project and agree and assign tasks.

Pupils begin trading, selling their product or providing their service.

Pupils keep a tally of sales/ money received.

Pupils make a photographic record of their enterprise project.

After the enterprise activity hold a class debriefing session to discuss what each group has achieved and what else needs doing.

Learning outcome

Pupils will have developed simple planning skills and worked together in teams with agreed responsibilities to carry out and complete an enterprise task.

Resources needed

• Product
• Cash for change
• Till / simple cash register
• Digital camera

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum: Collaboration and discussion.

Using number skills
Managing money e.g.
• plan and track money and savings by keeping accurate records
• realise that budgeting is important
• use the terms profit and loss in buying and selling activities and make calculations for this.

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