Entrepreneur Activity 3 – Where shall we go?

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Learning Objective: To help develop research and planning skills.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Relationships: communication.

Organisation: planning, research, understanding the environment.

Learning activities

Discuss the ideas generated in Entrepreneur Activity 1.

Pose the question: Where could we go to find out more about our chosen idea?

Discuss a group visit to a local enterprise. The visit could relate to a business providing a similar product/service or a charity or organisation that the enterprise will raise money for.

In groups, using local directories, websites, newspapers, map of local area etc. pupils research local enterprises relevant to their project area within their locality.

Groups present their findings to the class and a class decision is made.

As a literacy activity, pupils write letters and/or make a telephone call to the chosen enterprise to arrange a visit.

Pupils prepare questions to ask on the visit.

Learning outcome

Pupils will begin to develop simple research and planning skills.

Resources needed

Map of local area
Local directories
Letter template

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum: developing and presenting information and ideas, listening, collaboration and discussion.

Writing across the curriculum: organising ideas and information, writing accurately.

Reading across the curriculum: locating, selecting and using information, responding to what has been read.


Understand the range of jobs carried out by people in their community.


To study their local area.
To carry out fieldwork to observe and investigate real places and processes.

4.Curriculum Cymreig

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