Entrepreneur Activity 4 – What did we find out?

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Learning Objective: To gather enterprise information by asking questions.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Relationships: communication

Organisation: research, understanding the environment.

Learning activities

Pupils visit a local enterprise or are visited in school by a representative from a local enterprise.

Pupils gather information by asking previously agreed questions and any additional questions stimulated by the visit/visitor.

Pupils make a photographic record of their visit/visitor.

Pupils write a letter thanking the local enterprise.

Pupils organise the information collected and write a summary report of the new things they have discovered.

Pupils write simple ‘What to do?’ lists or/and prepare planning charts.

Learning outcome

Pupils will develop questioning skills and understand the range of jobs carried out by people in their community.

Resources needed

Digital camera

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum: Developing and presenting information and ideas; speaking, listening, collaboration and discussion.

Writing across the curriculum: organising ideas and information, writing accurately.


Understand the range of jobs carried out by people in their community.

3. Curriculum Cymreig

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