Entrepreneur Activity 5 – Can we plan?

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Learning Objective: To enable pupils to develop simple planning and presentation skills.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Relationships: presentation, communication.

Organisation: planning, vision and goal setting.

Learning activities

All businesses need a plan that outlines how the enterprise will be set up and run.

Discuss with pupils the need for a business plan to organise their enterprise project.

Ask them to identify and consider key questions such as:

What is their enterprise idea?
Who will be working on your enterprise?
Who will be your customers?
Who are your competitors?
How much money will you need?
Where will you get the money?
How will you keep track of the money?
How much profit do you think you will make?
What will you do with any profit?
What help will you need?
How long will your enterprise last?

In groups, pupils use the answers to prepare a simple business plan.

Alternatively, pupils use ICT to create their own business plan.

It is important that everyone involved in setting up the enterprise project knows and understands the contents of their business plan.

The pupils will need to present their business plan to the Head teacher (and possibly a governor) to raise capital for their enterprise.

Learning outcome

Pupils will begin to develop simple planning and presentation skills.

Resources needed

Interactive whiteboard

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum
Developing and presenting information and ideas; speaking, listening, collaboration and discussion.

Writing across the curriculum; organising ideas and information, writing accurately.

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