Entrepreneur Activity 7 – What shall we call ourselves?

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Learning Objective: To encourage innovation and ideas generation.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Creativity: Lateral thinking, ideas generation, innovation.

Relationships: Presentation.

Organisation: Decision Making.

Learning activities

Ask the pupils to thought shower the names of businesses.

Ask the pupils to decide what makes a good name for a business:

Easy to remember
Tells people about the company
Explains what the company does

Pupils work in groups to thought shower names for their enterprise. Ask the pupils to vote to decide the ‘company’ name.

Pupils collect different types of logos from magazines and newspapers.

Create a ‘Logo Ladder’ by arranging the most effective logos at the top and the least effective at the bottom.

Discuss the merits and design features of the logos. In groups ask pupils to identify things they like and things they dislike about a logo. Consider features such as:

the message it gives about the company
the clients or customers it appeals to
the use of colour; as it is expensive to print in colour consider if the logo will work well in black and white.

Pupils use ICT or art materials to make designs for logos for their enterprise. Pupils present their ideas to the class. Opportunity for peer assessment.

Ask the pupils to vote to decide the design for the logo.

Learning outcome

Pupils will begin to develop imaginative ideas.

Resources needed

Examples of logos from magazines and newspapers
Art materials
Interactive whiteboard

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework
Oracy across the curriculum
Developing and presenting information and ideas: Speaking, listening, collaboration and discussion.
Writing across the curriculum: Organising ideas and information, writing accurately.

Design and make two-dimensional images.

3.Design and technology
Develop and communicate their design ideas in a variety of ways, using ICT where appropriate.

Create and communicate information in the form of text and images, using a range of ICT hardware and software.

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