Entrepreneur Activity 8 – What do people want?

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Learning Objective: To help develop research and communication skills.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Relationships: Working with others, Communication.

Organisation: Research – understanding the environment.

Learning activities

Ask pupils to identify ways of finding out what people want/like about a product/service.

In groups, ask the pupils think about the advantages and disadvantages of using different methods e.g. surveys, focus groups, one-to-one interviews.

Ask pupils to identify their target market and which method they would prefer to use and why?

Ask pupils to devise simple market research questions and decide how they will be used.

Remember to:
keep the questions short and simple,
ask only one thing at a time,
use words that the people being interviewed understand.

Pupils carry out market research to help them find out more about the market place in which their product or service is to be sold.

Ask the pupils to collate the responses and present the data in appropriate forms e.g. tally charts, bar charts or line graphs.

Pupils write a summary of “What we found out?” and “Is our product/service a good idea or not?”

Pupils use this to inform their business planning.

Learning outcome

Pupils will develop simple research skills and will use appropriate questions to acquire information.

Resources needed

Interactive whiteboard

Curricular links

1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum
Developing and presenting information and ideas; Speaking,  Listening,  Collaboration and discussion.

Writing across the curriculum; Organising ideas and information, Writing accurately.

Using data skills;  Collect and record data, Present and analyse data,  Interpret results.