Entrepreneur Activity 9 – How can we advertise?

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Learning Objective: To encourage pupils to think creatively.

Entrepreneurship Characteristics

Creativity: Problem solving, Innovation, Lateral thinking – ideas generation.

Learning activities

Pupils collect different types of adverts from magazines, posters and newspapers.

Pose the question: “What are the different types/styles?”

In groups, pupils sort the adverts into categories e.g. informative, attention grabbing, humorous.

Ask the pupils to discuss “Which are the most effective adverts and why?”

Pupils use ICT or/and art materials to create different types of adverts related to their enterprise e.g.

  • a poster for notice boards
  • a flyer to give to parents
  • a newspaper advert
  • a “special price” label for products.

Pupils evaluate their adverts (using Activity 9 ‘Creating an Advert’ checklist) and discuss ways to improve them. They decide which designs and formats they will use to promote their enterprise project.

Pupils work in groups to prepare leaflets and / or posters to promote their enterprise project.

Pupils prepare for the launch and marketing of their product or service.

Learning outcome

Pupils think creatively and evaluate the effectiveness of their work.

Resources needed

Magazines, posters, newspapers illustrating different types of advert e.g. informative, attention grabbing, humorous.
Activity 8 ‘Creating an Advert’ checklist
Interactive whiteboard

Curricular links

  1. Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Oracy across the curriculum
Developing and presenting information and ideas; Speaking, Listening, Collaboration and discussion.

Writing across the curriculum; Organising ideas and information, Writing accurately.

Reading across the curriculum; Locating, selecting and using information.


Design and make two-dimensional images.

3.Design and technology

Develop and communicate their design ideas in a variety of ways, using ICT where appropriate.

Create and communicate information in the form of text and images, using a range of ICT hardware and software.

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