Spain – Colegio Sagrada Familia

Our school is located in the city of Manises, very close to the main city of Valencia. It is a Catholic school with 85 years of history.

In our school we offer:

An educational process that accompanies students from 3 to 16 years based on the theory of multiple intelligences and the practice of cooperative and teamwork. Together we learn more.

A comprehensive education that develops the critical sense and the implication in the society but always deeply inspired in the human and Christian values.

Attention to students with special educational needs, both those who present difficulties and high capacities. Classes of therapeutic pedagogy  in primary and secondary for an open and personalized attention.

A current and technological learning environment: digital backpack since fifth grade. Technology is not future, is present and it is not a problem when we teach to use it as a tool for education and for life.

Education, culture, communication. Understand and express. Multilingualism since the age of three. Language immersion programs in other countries and cultural activities of own production (musical theatres, performances, exhibitions).

We design education!

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