Germany – FSP Lernen (Förderschule), Schule im Erlich

The Erlich-School is a school for pupils with special needs- for pupils who needs a very intensive support.

How does this work?
We have very small classes, only 10-14 pupils are learning together in a class. They are often learning different subjects due to their individual needs.

What are the subjects?
• Reading. Writing, Maths- and also:
• Looking and hearing exactly
• How to make music, art and roll playing games
• How to concentrate and finish your work
• Key skills like self-responsible learning, punctuality, reliability.
• Working together in friendship and solving conflicts
• Working with your hands, doing sports
• And at least: How to use your skills to achieve an apprenticeship and a work for earning money and how to manage your life on your own. You can pass an examination in our school to achieve these aims.
• During your apprenticeship you will get support from our school, for example in our school-cafe

Actually there are 160 pupils in 13 classes in 10 groups in the afternoon- from 7.55 in the morning to 16.00 o`clock in the afternoon.

Additional to the subjects our pupil can benefit from multiple possibilities to learn in different surroundings to increase their motivation. So they can learn horse-riding or canoeing, or how to take care of animals on a little farm and an animals home.
Also it is possible for them to do gardening or to practice how to work with wood or how to repair bicycles. A group of children are learning Circus skills.
There are some therapists at our school such as Speech therapists or specialists on Ergotherapy, a Social worker deals with social learning or other social issues.
And, very important: our school has got a certificate in anti-racism!
Last but not least: we have got an own cook in school, who are preparing a delicious lunch for 120 pupils and teachers, because good eating is necessary for good learning!

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