Belgium – Institut Notre-Dame des Hayeffes

Our school is situated 30 kilometers south of Brussels in the village of Mont-Saint-Guibert. Our village has approximately 7000 residents being situated in the countryside. Situated in a park, our school has +/- 750 pupils aged from 2½ to 12 years. There are 55 teachers working in 35 classrooms. Our mother language is French and we learn Flemish from 6 years old. There are 2 headteachers: one for pupils up to 7 years old and one for pupils aged 8 to 12.

Since 2005, some classes are involved actively in European projects via the eTwinning portal with France, Italy and Romania. Some of these projects have won prizes in the French Community of Belgium for eTwinning competition. In 2009, the school joined the Comenius program participating with Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Wales to the “Communicating – Cultural – Creativity” project. Building on this experience, the school decided to renew another European project with Germany and Wales on the theme of the grandparents. Indeed, we find that they have a very important impact in our society, that they play a key role in the education of many children and that they are our memory we can forge a future based on their experiences past. This theme was repeated even in our school project.This project having come to an end, the Welsh and Belgian partners assisted by former German Director sought new partners for a 3 ° project. Fortunately, a new school from Speyer in Germany and a school from Gela in Sicily joined us to start this new project on the European Treasures that surround us.

After a one-year break we re-formed a team with Germany and Wales, but Spain and Norway joined us for a new project to see the impact of new technologies ( But especially the iPad) in student learning.

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