Wales – Pontlliw Primary School

Mission Statement
At Pontlliw Primary School we hope to enlarge the child’s experience, knowledge and imagination; to help each child to become and recognise themselves as a useful caring and active member of the community to which they belong. The school also aims to help each child acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills for living in a multicultural and inter-dependent world.


Statement of Aims
To nurture in all persons positive attitudes to learning which will enable them to adapt to new ideas and methods and thereby achieve their full potential.
To help learners to become self reliant, self respecting and responsible adults.
To develop in all individuals the capacity to work both collaboratively and independently, and also the ability to decide on the appropriate method for the task.
To develop a personal moral code sensitive to the needs of others.
To promote equality of opportunity and respect for all pupils.
To preserve and develop our own cultural identity within Wales while at the same time promoting an understanding of and a respect for cultures and creeds different from our own.

Background Information
Pontlliw Primary School is situated in the north west of the City and County of Swansea. The school is a focal point of what is still a village and the buildings are pleasantly sited in the semi-rural community of Pontlliw. The village has the usual amenities of post office, grocer shops, garage, three public houses and a village hall. The school makes use of the Village Hall for a variety of functions, notably the Christmas and Summer productions, which have become an annual feature of village life.
The school is a co-educational Primary school and caters for children between three and eleven years of age. It draws its pupils from what is becoming an ever-increasing population within the village due to private housing developments. Children living on farms and outlying properties in the Lliw Valley also attend the school. The school is very popular and has a significant number of preferred placement pupils who live outside the designated catchment area.
There are currently 205 pupils attending Pontlliw School; 30 Nursery pupils, 75 Foundation Phase and 100 Key Stage 2.
Parents come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. There is a range and diversity in family makeup with the number of single parent families increasing over the years. All of our pupils are well behaved and well motivated to achieve their full potential and are well supported at home. Most parents/carers engage in a strong partnership with the school.
We have three pupils for whom English is a second language and several British pupils of mixed ethnic background.

We provide for a full range of abilities, including the very able and children with learning difficulties. Twelve children have a statement of special educational needs and two pupils are currently awaiting the outcome of statutory assessment.
Currently the staff consists of the headteacher, seven full time teachers including the deputy headteacher, one school clerk, one clerical assistant, 16 teaching assistants and one caretaker. Peripatetic music teachers for violin, flute, clarinet and drums and an athrawes fro visit the school regularly. We have a kitchen facility on site, which employs one cook and assistant, and we also have two cleaners.

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