German Article after 2nd Meeting

Erasmus-school in the Online world

“It was very exciting to see how  pupils and schools in other countries are dealing with the Internet”, says Wibke Levens. The teacher of the Erlich-School and two collegues just visited an elementary school in the Belgian town Mont St. Guibert. There were also teachers from three other countries, namely Wales , Norway and Spain. It was the second meeting in the Erasmus-plus  project “Activating Innovative Learners”. The project tries to analyse and increase the knowledge of the pupils  concerning new media.

The first meeting took place in Speyer (we reported).  Back than the teachers of the five countries  developed  a survey for pupils, parents and teachers. Now there are the results.  “Our pupils think that they are very competent but in fact they have very little experience”, says Wibke Levens. At their homes there are many smartphones but only a few tablets or computers. Contrary to the partner schools there are only a few rules for using new media in the german families. On workdays they would use the Internet often more than three ours, at weekend even more although the parents say something different. These results have been a surprise. In other countries more media competence would be claimed. Due to permanent evaluation of the government the Welsh teachers are forced to develop frequently new media concepts. In Norway a teacher wants to design an app with the first grade. “In Germany I would suggest such a task rather for older pupils” , says Levens. The lesson is clear for her: We only know little about the educational system of other countries. “It isn’t easy  in Germany as well because education is the concern of the federal states”, says Mrs. Levens. For her own school an advanced training of teachers would be necessary. In addition the pupils’ and the parents’ awareness for using new media should be raised.

The next meeting will take place in Norway in June.

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