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Minutes of Transnational Meeting 4 – Speyer 18th to 22nd October 2017

Participants: Norway (Ann Elin, Brit, Silje), Belgium (Florence, Justine, Marie, Vincent), Wales (Vicky, Adrian), Spain (Barbara, Saray, Alvaro), Germany (Karin, Nicole, Wibke, Angelika, Thomas, David)

Thursday, 19th of October 2017

There are a lot of tasks to be done in this school year. The idea is to discuss all tasks during that meeting, so that every school can decide when they are doing which tasks. It is also necessary that every school adapt the tasks to their school and students needs. But we would like to share and reflect on our teaching: Taking pictures, keep worksheets of students, send worksheets created for teaching and translations to Adrian for website!

Presentation of what every nation has done so far

It’s important to keep everything created for teaching and share it with the project. Important: how to create a business plan and reflect on that. Think about reflection and evaluation throughout the year

  • Belgium: -worked on entrepreneurship, talked about ideas like T-shirts, bird boxes or calendars…
    -for some classes it’s difficult to do the whole entrepreneurship…
    -Everyone needs to adapt it for their own situation.
  • Spain: will start entrepreneurship in November, started to plan it. The idea is to have one lesson weekly.
  • Germany: started with entrepreneurship in two classes (Gr. 7 and 4). Need to make it easier for their students. Collecting ideas, making posters, survey, working on ideas…
  • Norway: -one group: canteen, already existing and running in school -one group: Creating an app for homework in Maths Grade 2 (with help from G6), working with coding, app design. Trying to make a game.
  • Entrepreneurship is not new for Wales, they have started entrepreneurship, created a business plan and are now in process of deciding what the are going to create.
    It’s a competition in Wales for all schools
    Wales is interested in learning how to teach entrepreneurship with younger students. They have a lot of experience in how to teach it in Grade 6 but now they need to do it with younger students as well.


  • It is a very good way for students to explore their interests, but in a guided way. We have decided to link it with literacy and Journalism
  • All webQuests contain six steps: Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, Resources
  • Content is own choice, depending on curriculum or Eramus+-project, but students should create a Newspaper.
  • Group work: Every students is also responsible to help their partners..
  • Important is evaluation

Radio Broadcast / Podcast

  • Plan, Produce, Postproduction, Publish
  • Content is free for every school
  • 3-5 min. long
  • Task already on website. Needs to be translated and sent to Adrian.
  • Software: Audacity (free) or App Speaker Studio or any other
  • for younger kids: it seems to be important to link it to a real product the students have created first (e.g. baking a cake, making a book.…) Then it is easier for younger students to talk and record.
  • Be careful with music! Teach students to use legal ways of using music!!! 

Media broadcast  

  • Please translate and send it to Adrian

Language audit 

  • On website at the end of activity resources is a language audit. There you can see which translations needs to be done. Please send translations to Adrian as .doc or .pages for uploading on website.


  • The plan was to create an ibook. Now we see, that we have everything available on website. So there is no need to create one, just a lot of work without any new content. The first 2 chapters are ready, but it look the same like the website. We decided that we don’t need to have an iBook!!!

Next meeting in Spain 

  • Next meeting in Valencia is 31st of January until 4th of February 2018
  • Everyone should try to finish two tasks to present in Valencia.

The meeting finally comes to a close!

Our meetings have finally finished. You can find the results of our analysis of the surveys on the activity 1b pages (although not quite complete). We have also planned our next task – animating the curriculum and are excited about the learning possibilities for our students. The overview can be found on the activity 2 page and we will add resources and results as they arrive. Thank you to all colleagues for your hard work!

Meeting in Belgium Underway!

We have had a very warm welcome at INDH this morning. The Belgium pupils were put on a fantastic show as you can see…