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Minutes of 3rd Meeting in Norway

AIL Erasmus+ Meeting 3 – Norway

Participants: Norway (Geir, Silje, Vivian, ), Belgium (Catherine, Stephanie, Vincent), Wales (Adrian, Ryan, Lianne), Spain (Alvaro, Josvi), Germany (Karin, Nicole, Wibke, Angelika)

Thursday, 8th of June 2017

Presentation of Truls Dahn: How to create Apps

Truls Dahl explained native apps and web apps. For more detail please have a look at Truls’ presentation.
The idea was that students in every school develop and sell new apps as the entrepreneurship task.

Discussion about how to proceed with task entrepreneurship
Belgium, Germany and Spain don’t think that it is possible for their students and teachers to develop new apps. These schools never did an entrepreneurship project and would like to do this task as it was planned before.
Wales offers to develop a web app on our website which leads every school through the entrepreneurship task. Every school can work on this task on their own needs. Norway could develop apps with their students while other countries start businesses to earn money on students ideas (like cake selling, making jewellery, cleaning windows…)

Presentation of stop motion movies
Each country presents some of their work on animation.
Every school should give their movies to Adrian. Adrian will upload them on website.
As a reflection every teacher who worked on animation should fill in a KWHL grid in English and own language by 16th of June. Please reflect on: What went well? What went wrong? Where to improve?
FRIDAY, 9th of June 2017

Change of dates for 4th meeting in Germany
4th meeting will be in Germany 18th – 22nd of October 2017, hotel Ibis Speyer confirmed.

Agreements on entrepreneurship task
Wales tries to produce a web app pro-forma on teaching how to run a business until September so everyone could start in the beginning of next school year. Entrepreneurship Task should be completed by June 2018.
Every country has to do translations in their language.
The video task might be an advertisement for our business.

Ideas for web app
1. Idea shower
What are we good at?
How can we use our skills
What events are happening in school?
Who can help?
1.b. Decision for one idea…
2. Research
What do we need to know / do / how?
3. Action planning
Who did we get help from? (Could lead into our Interview plan)
Who will be our customers?
Where will we sell our product?
How will we get word out about our business? (making an advertisement could be Media task…)
Name of business / logo
4. Finances
Start up costs
How much will it cost to start?
Materials / equipment
Where will you get the money?
Cost per unit
How much will we charge
How much will you make?
What will we do with the money you make?
5. Realisation
6. Evaluation

It was decided that Wales will provide a structured route through the entrepreneur process which will be accessible via the web. Norway will possibly use this information to create an App suitable for students to use on an iPad.

Minutes of Meeting Belgium

2. Erasmus+-Meeting


Participants: Norway (Geir, Silje, Vivian), Belgium (Catherine, Dany, Florence, Francoise, Justine, Marie, Stephanie, Claire, Vincent), Wales (Adrian, Ryan, Michelle), Spain (Alvaro, Dolo, Christina), Germany (Karin, Nicole, Wibke)

Thursday, 26th of January

Presentation of Website (made with wordPress.com): www.ail4kidz.eu

  • It is important that everyone in the Erasmus+-Team posts files, reports, photos or resources for the activities, so that they are available for everyone.
  • Everyone can subscribe (first give email address to Adrian), after that you get an email from WordPress and you can follow the Password instructions.
  • Posting: go to dashboard, then new post (enter title and enter the information in the main box)
  • every country can translate school description of the other countries if necessary and hand to Adrian
  • if you post a newspaper article, please provide an english translation!

Presentation of eBook

  • Vincent presents first work on ebook.
  • Ebook is made with creative book creator: it is not as interactive as the last one but this eBook also works with other (non apple)-tablets or PCs
  • everyone should check on translations in ebook and hand it to Vincent

Discussion of survey results

  • Each country checks the answers of their own school, writes a small comment in home language and translates it into English afterwards.
  • Comments should be sent to Adrian by end of February.

FRIDAY, 27th of January

Presentation of Animation ideas

  • a lot of different possibilities: most simple: taking picture every two seconds.., others: i-stop-motion
  • Vincent showed different kinds of animation movies (made with paper, modelling clay, moving objects, people, or mix it all…). Vincent, please upload link of movies on website.
  • take care about light and shadow and continuity
  • about 12 picture every second
  • everyone should also present the process of making the movie/teaching, because we want to share good practice (Introduction, research, learning how to use animation technique, planning, production, reflection)
  • movie should have a translation or explanation in English, because English is the project language
  • Adrian wrote the rationale of Task 2 on website. Please translate text into your home language and send it to Adrian by email as soon as possible.
  • movies shouldn’t be too long, about 1-3 minutes


Entrepreneurship-tasks will be represented in Norway in June. Time might be very tight before summer holidays. We decided that we have time to finish this task till the beginning of year 2018. Therefore it might be good that Wales also presents task 4 in Norway in June and every school can decide how to proceed.

Idea for this task: kids are producing their own app for selling things. It will be shown in Norway. It’s possible to do it on different levels. Germany is not sure if this is a task their students could benefit from (special needs school). Silke will show how to work on this with Grade 1 and Germany will decide if they can adapt it for their students.

4th meeting in Speyer:

Adrian will send email with a spreadsheet for finding the Dates for our meeting in Speyer in Autumn 2017.