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Tysværvåg barne- og ungdomsskule – Unforgettable Presentation a hit in the Press!

Tysværvåg barne- og ungdomsskule January 2017

The first part of task one was for each school to present themselves to their partners in the form of a video. The choice of presentation was left to individual schools with the proviso that pupils decided the content and were hands-on in the making of the movies. This served as a means of introducing the participants to one another as well as providing an indicator of where each school was currently positioned with technology. We chose to involve Absurd film and Erlend Bjelland. He made a fantastic film with pupils and teachers as actors. There is a great sense of humour in the film and we tried to showcase the school vision –  “Glimpse of humour and self-confidence – Everone can, everyone will. Together we will make it”. The heading of the article is Unforgettable Presentation.

The video can be seen here.

Geir Dybdahl