Minutes Meeting 6 – Wales

6. Erasmus+-Meeting

Wales, 7.-10.6.2018

Participants: Norway (Geir, Silje), Belgium (Vincent D., Vincent v.S., Dany, Claire), Wales (Adrian, Allison, Andrew, Lianne, Matthew, Vicky), Spain (Alvaro, Josvi), Germany (Karin, Nicole, Wibke, Thomas, David)

Final Report

  • Final report is due End of August 2018 
  • Every country sends their final report to Adrian as word and pdf file.
  • Final report should be sent to Adrian by 22th of June

Link TV Broadcast „Offener Kanal“ in Speyer, October 2017

You can watch our movie now:



Presentation of work from all countries

  • Alvaro presents work on TV broadcast activity and Entrepreneurship Activity in Spain
  • Silje and Geir presents work on Entrepreneurship Activity in Norway
  • Wibke presents work on Entrepreneurship Activity, David on Podcast Activity
  • Andrew presents work on TV Broadcast Activity in Wales
  • Vincent presents Entrepreneurship Activity, Webquest Activity and Radio Broadcast Activity in Belgium
  • Every school should give their presentations and other work to Adrian as a word or pdf file during our stay in Wales. Adrian will upload them on website. Put activity and number in file name…

Recommended Apps

  • Comic Life
  • Green screen by do ink


  • Re-do the surveys in your school
  • surveys are available now.
  • write a comment in English and own language and send it to Adrian (pdf or word) by 22th of June

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